Attribute Rating
Intelligence 8
Reflexes 10
Cool 7
Technical Ability 8
Luck 6
Attractiveness 7
Movement Allowance 8
Empathy 8
Body Type 8


Career Skill Rating
Combat Sense 6
Awareness 3
Handgun 5
Martial Arts 6
Melee 3
Weapons Tech 3
Rifle 2
Athletics 5
Submachinegun 2
Stealth 6
Pickup Skill Rating
Wardrobe 2
Intimidate 3
Human Perception 3
Education 2
Hide 4
Dodge 4

Clothes: Miniskirts
Hairstyle: Long & Ratty
Affectations: Earrings

Family Background
Family Ranking: Gang Family
Parents: Murdered
Family Tragedy: Sister vanished
Siblings: 1 older sister who likes me

Personality: Friendly and outgoing
Person valued most: Sister
Concept valued most: Vengeance
Outlook of most people: Neutral
Possession valued most: Piece of clothing

Life Events
2014 – Corporate Exec became my romantic rival. We hate each other. If we meet we’ll likely ignore each other. He has a gang at his disposal.
2015 – Embarrassed a childhood enemy. He hates me. If we meet he’d insult me. He has a couple buddies at his disposal.
2016 – Uneventful
2017 – Foiled my employers plans. We hate each other. If we meet it’s a fight to the death. He has an entire gang at his disposal.
2018 – Uncle killed my lover. I hate him. I would back-stab him indirectly. He is alone.
2019 – Aunt became my romantic rival. She hates me. If we meet she’d avoid me. She has a small corporation at her disposal.
2020 – Caused an employee to lose status and we hate each other. If we meet she’d ignore each other. She is alone.


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